A Good Hen Party

Pat Aldous is the treasurer and Peter Aldous is the secretary of Bon Coeur. Peter wrote the following story:-

On the morning of Wednesday 13/11/2019 we collected from Laroque Timbaut 4 lovely black “maran” hens for La Roseraie (refuge for victims of domestic violence) in Agen. We took them there at 14.30 to be greeted by about a dozen very excited children, several mothers and lots of staff.
To see the delight on all the faces was so rewarding for us. They had built a superb enclosure in which is housed the small chicken shed, plus all the accessories that we had brought-feeders etc. All the children had a go at stroking the hens, some even giving them a kiss !! 
Afterwards they had prepared in the sunshine a super tea with cakes, but no egg sandwiches, which they will hope to make once the hens have started to lay. They will be sending a message to us once the first egg is laid, which is eagerly awaited by all.
Well done “Bon Coeur” on raising the money to provide such joy to lots of underprivileged people. The children were riding the bikes we provided last year which all looked in good condition, and it was a pleasure for us to have been part of it.

Ps The first egg arrived on Saturday 16/11/2019

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