The Shop

Where are we?

You will find the Place de la Mairie, which is also known as Place Archambaud du Vencay, in the centre of Beauville village. If you stand in front of and facing the Mairie, our shop is in the arcades on your left.

Opening hours

The latest shop hours are published at the bottom of the page.


We welcome donations of clothes, books and other household items in reasonable condition. Small donations (up to three carrier bags) can be left at the shop during opening hours without prior arrangement. For larger quantities please contact the email address at the bottom of the page and we will make arrangements to accept the donation. Our shop is small so we have special arrangements for dealing with large donations.


We have a team of volunteers who look after the clothes. We only display clothes which are in season so we store any out of season clothes. Bed linen, table linen and soft furnishings are mainly sold at events such as the Grand Bazaars because of the lack of space in the shop. Clothes which are rejected or have been in the shop too long, are passed on to a refuge for victims of domestic violence or Le Relais.


After the Grand Bazaar & Book Sales we reduce our stock to about 6000 by rejecting books in poor condition. During the year the stock will grow to about 10000 books which we display at the next book sale. In our shop we only have space to display about 800 books, CDs and DVDs. The rejected books are taken to a company in Agen for pulping.

Electrical Items

Pre-used 230V electrical items can by law only be sold with a safety test certificate supplied by a qualified electrician. We cannot do this so we will sell them at the grand bazaars, when a certificate is not required. 


Brocante is the name we give to all other items including tableware, kitchenware, ornaments, jewellery, toys, pictures etc. We sell these from the shop except for large items, which we advertise on Facebook and display at events.

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