Journée de l’ Élevage

The “Journée de l’ Élevage” is the annual agricultural “county” show for Lot et Garonne. This year the Chambre d’ Agriculture chose Beauville to host the event. On Saturday 16th June 2018 Beauvillenvie (Comité des fetes in Beauville), Bon Coeur, the Tourist Office and the Mairie collaborated with the Chambre d’Agriculture to stage the “Journée de l’ Élevage” in Beauville.

The event was very successful & spectacular – about 100 animals were on Place du Carre in the shade of the trees, including cattle, horses, sheep (and a sheepdog demonstration), goats, llamas and pigeons.  Everyone was able to see the animals tethered and in the ring, and of course talk to their owners. A tent was used for the cheese and honey competition. The exhibitors were able to partake of a meal prepared by the 3 associations, whilst there was also a market similar to the night market for lunch.  Plenty of extra stands around the Place du Carre allowed agricultural businesses to display their wares.

Bon Coeur opened the boutique, and also helped run a buvette for refreshments on Place de la Mairie, at the end Bon Coeur also benefitted with over 400€ representing our volunteers’ participation.

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