Open Gardens raise funds

Pat and Peter Aldous are treasurer and secretary of Bon Coeur. They are also members of Open Gardens/Jardins Ouvert who raise funds for À Chacun son Everest, which provides support for children recovering from cancer and women recovering from breast cancer.

John Massey is the co-ordinator for 12 gardens in departments 32, 46, 47 and 82. His open garden day on 5-5-2018 raised 660€ and another open garden at Blaymont on the same day raised 135€.

Pat and Peter’s open garden day on 27-5-2018 raised 234€ for entries, 143€ for refreshments. Cindy from Cancer Support France raised 63€ selling plants, cards and gardening books. Blevins Franks financial advisers donated 200€ making a total of 640€.

Pat and Peter’s garden was open again on Sunday 3-6-2018 from 14h to 19h, and they raised another 639€ making a total of 1279€ for the 2 days. Congratulations to Pat and Peter. You can look at the Open Gardens website for other gardens to visit.


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