Pétanque 14 Juillet 2019

The 26th annual Grande Franco Britannique Concours de Pétanque was held on Saturday the 14th of July on the Place du Carré in Beauville. This was the 3rd time Bon Coeur managed the event. We thank our sponsors for supporting the event. You can find their names by following this link to the event website. We also thank all the volunteers for their contributions towards the event. Income was 1025€ from sponsors, 246€ from the buvette and 200€ from T shirt donations. After expenses of 278€ the net income was 1192€ (870€ in 2018). See the album for more photos.

44 players participated and the winners were:-

Concours Internationale        France

Concours Winners                 Pascal Guerineau   Geoff Price

Concours Runners-up          Jean Luc Vellard   Nigel Castle

Consolants Winners             Jan Mol Richard Millhouse

Consolants Runners-up      Gilles Bélarché    Diarmuid Currid

The prizes were presented by Annie Reimherr, mayor of Beauville.

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