Report on Grand Bazaar 16 & 17/11/2019

Bon Coeur’s 2nd Grand Bazaar was held on Saturday 16/11 and Sunday 17/11. Our volunteers made a huge effort preparing all the items for sale, setting up the displays and home cooking a range of items for the cafeteria. The event raised 5605.95€ for good causes which is a big increase over the 3800€ raised last year. The income was as follows:- Buvette 657.40€, Books 671.55€, Clothes 902€, Brocante 1204€, Main desk 1587.00€, Pre-sales 540.00€, Post-sales 45.00€. We thank all our supporters for their donations of items to be sold. We also thank our customers who came out in huge numbers despite the bad weather. You can look at photos of the event in the album.

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