Report on Virtual AGM 31/3/2020

Due to the Covid 19 regulations the AGM scheduled for 18/3/2020 was cancelled. The virtual AGM was scheduled for 14H on 31/3/2020, and the president circulated the following pdf documents to members and volunteers by email.

AGM 2020 President’s report, Gifts to end 2019 for AGM, Treasurer’s report 2019 for AGM, Final accounts 2019 for AGM, Website report, Website visits per month (Chart Mar 2018 – Feb 2020).

A period of 2 hours was allowed for member’s and volunteer’s comments and questions to the president, who responded with a summary of questions and answers at 17H30.

Net income for 2019 was 18 896€, 17 700€ was gifted to good causes and 1086€ was paid out for cat neutering and welfare. 2019 was a record year but 2020 has started badly with all fund raising activities curtailed by the Covid 19 regulations.

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