Annual General Meeting 31/8/21

The Annual General Meeting of Bon Coeur was held on Tuesday the 31st of August at 10am in the Office de Tourisme. In previous years the AGM has been held in March but this wasn’t possible due to Covid restrictions. There were 14 attendees. The president’s report covered the period from January 2020 until August 2021. The treasurer’s report showed that 2020 total income was 15,587€ (26,216€ in 2019 which was Bon Coeur’s record year). Expenses were down from 7,320€ in 2019 to 3,574€ and Gifts Paid Out were 13,070€ (17,700€ in 2019). The reduction in figures was mostly due to the pandemic which caused shop closures and the cancellation of some events. Since Bon Coeur was formed in May 2013 a total of 102,359€ has been gifted to a wide variety of good causes,

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