Pétanque 22 August 2021

The 14th of July is the traditional date for this event, but the weather forecast was bad, so the event was postponed to the afternoon of the Fête de St Roch. For the 28th edition there were 16 players but only 4 of these were British. Due to the closure of the Restaurant du Midi the prize giving was held on the Place du Carré. The event took 194,50€ including bar sales.

The winners were

Concours Internationale France Jean Michel Bru, Coco Daumier

Concours Winners Jean Michel Bru, Patrice Maren

Concours Runners-up Coco Daumier, Michel Casassa

Consolants Winners Phillipe Missillier, Tyler Rees

The prizes were presented by Charles Miskin, President of Bon Coeur

We thank the event sponsors whose names can be found on the event website.

See the album for more photos

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